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We all have the innate ability to heal ourselves; we are a solution incubator helping you tap into your self-healing powers. The best healers are within each of you!


Because we want to share our knowledge and solutions with most of you spread worldwide, all our services are remote (long-distance). If you need a holistic assessment or support to improve your wellbeing, relationships, optimize your home energy and mitigate electrosmog, we are just a phone call away from you.


We do not sedate the symptoms, separating your body in organs and psyche; we find the real causes and integrate the solutions; your body will gain energy, stamina, beauty from inside towards outside, you will feel in a wellness oasis

The holistic wellbeing assessment is disclosing a complex picture of your problems and thus we can elaborate a customized stimulative and supporting plan, with customized procedures

When you get sick, your psychogenic informational level is affected (negative thoughts attach to destructive emotions, bad habits); within days, the influence of these stressors sends wrong signals to the autonomic nervous system (ANS), the control tower the whole body. In some weeks, the neuronal signals from ANS are changing your body chemistry, hormonal, and enzymatic system. As a result, you are marching toward multiple chronic conditions, a morbid state at this stage.

Many people like to believe that sickness comes from outside their body and we are invaded by pathogens, toxins, parasites, viruses; over 100 years ago, this germs theory was proven to be wrong; the pathogenesis is generated in the connective tissue, the terrain is the final verdict if you will get sick or not. Germs appear only in the acidic extracellular milieu created by your unhealthy lifestyle, bad habits, alcohol excesses, overeating, sleep deprivation, STRESS!

By eliminating the stress of whatsoever nature, discarding the toxins and acidic wastes, balancing the redox potential of your cells, repolarizing the cellular membrane, your body will start to feel like in a wellness oasis.

In the human body, all healing mechanisms are embedded, and it is a question of how to reach and activate them. For example, correct breathing is essential for your sustainable wellbeing; breathing gives us life power, and vitality is equal to life power (infinite) minus obstructions or blockages generated by bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle, toxic drugs, and other toxins from the air, water, soil. Breathing correctly will help detox your body, restore the connective tissue clean environment, activate and empower the cardio- and cerebrovascular system.

If you accumulate enough vitamin D, either enjoying the sun outside or by supplementing vitamin D3, and practice alternating hot-cold showers (Kneipp) for 5 minutes only, you activate your immune system many times.


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