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About Me

About Me

I use my multidisciplinary integrative and holistic knowledge (Ph.D. in Chemistry, Psychology, Holistic healthcare, herbology, homeopathy, Systemic Functional Medicine), synergistically endorsed by a vast experience. I listen to your story and develop personalized concepts based on state-of-the-art holistic wellness methodologies. 

·        Simple and accessible services direct-to-user distribution 

·        Perfect connectivity using modern remote online communications, counseling

·        Social and educational efforts to generate awareness, showing multiple choices

My concept “True Pathfinder” equips those seeking a new way of dealing with the scientific understanding, tangible health care methods, and specialized tools necessary to solve the complex modern problems that plague so many.

The current state of health is in utter disarray, and conventional methods prove vastly insufficient to address multiple chronic conditions. The answers to the present dilemma are in guidance to activate your self-healing powers and the body’s innate ability to reverse an ailment, a sustainable solution to the global problems of epidemic proportions. Are you ready to write your own wellness story? 


 Our natural state is WELLBEING; our goal in life is Pleasure, Joy, and the desire to procreate.

I traveled the world and heard incredible hope, recovery, innovation, and healing stories. After speaking with so many patients who are hopeless, frustrated, fearful, and in a state of victimhood, there is nothing more important than to share with my audience these stories of wellbeing and empowerment. When I see people lost in their chronic sickness struggling with their life, I must help. This is the reason I started this company and elaborated on my WELLBEING concept: True Pathfinder.  It does not matter if you have an incredibly complex condition or some minor symptoms that bother your life; total health and wellbeing can be yours. It may not be easy, but it is most definitely possible and worth it.

About Me